We all have individual stomachs, our own mass, we react differently to alcohol, and we even have varying hangover symptoms. Some have no hangovers whatsoever! There are a few foods known to do the body good in the morning after. This first one I swear by: skip the coffee, and go for a bowl of hot veggie noodle soup. In a pinch, I suppose some soup from a can would suffice, but nothing beats a bowl of homemade soup. No matter what mood I am in, no matter the season, and no matter what or how much I had to drink the night before – I love it. You always need to watch yourself, be aware of your stomach’s capacity, and eat slowly. This may not be the most accessible remedy, so consider making it the night before. It’s worth it. You’ll thank me in the morning. Next: oatmeal with berries. This is one which can actually be made even when you are pretty hungover. Unless you are at the point where the room is spinning again. That is harsh. Wait for the room to stop spinning, then get to the kitchen and make yourself a bowl of oats. If you have any berries, throw some in. If you enjoy any other type of fruits or nuts in there, perhaps hold back. Don’t put too much into that bowl. Let your body come back to itself slowly. Nuts and fruit are also good for a hangover, by the way, so if you want to consume them as a standalone food, you could. What to avoid? Foods which are oily, spicy, sour, acidic, and tough to digest. Your body and mind have just been through a lot. Give them both a chance to recuperate, and go easy on them. Incidentally, no alcohol should be consumed at that crucial time. In spite of the traditional myth of partaking of the very same alcohol you had at night, it is wise to avoid it. While it could take the sting out of the hangover’s bite, it is not recommended. Later in the day, the symptoms could come back with a vengeance, and you don’t need that. Best to stick to the long-term solutions which have better results.

When it comes to hangovers in general, people try to look for all the best remedies and cures to solve their problems. You know what the best way to cure a hangover is? Don’t drink. Alcohol has an adverse effect on your liver and overall functioning. A hangover can’t be cured through food alone but you can mitigate the symptoms by eating certain foods. When you eat foods that are rich in antioxidants you encourage your body to flush out all the toxins that you let into your body. I get that everyone needs a drink every now and then. What I struggle to understand is how people repeatedly overdo something that is obviously bad for your body. It’s true that moderation is key when it comes to alcohol – rumour has it wine is good for your afterall. That being said, too much of anything is never ideal and our society has become really good at gorging themselves. Too much is never enough. And that’s why you need hangover cures to help you out.

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I tend to think of myself as not dumb, I honestly didn’t think there was a wrong way to clean yourself. I mean I didn’t think you could over clean yourself. Like brush your teeth too much, over wash your hands, or wash your hair too much. Apparently I was wrong. You can brush your teeth too hard, which can cause cavities. I had no idea that brushing your teeth too often can mess your teeth up. If you never br ush your teeth, your teeth will rot out of your face. If you brush your teeth too hard then your teeth will fall out of your head.

Apparently washing your hair everyday is not ideal. Your aren’t dumb to ask how to use shampoo, it’s not as simple as putting some into your hair and rinsing it out. The amount of shampoo you use is very important. Using too much is wasteful and using too little will not clean your hair enough. Washing your hair too often is not good for it either. Your hair produces natural oils that help keep it healthy. Some people say it is best to wash your hair every other day or maybe every three days. Especially if you color your hair you need to be careful about how you wash your hair. How to shampoo hair that is color treated differs from how you would wash natural hair.

Colored hair needs to be washed as least as possible. Washing colored hair can wash the color out of it. Shampoo washes dirt and oil out of hair and can also wash out color treatment. You need to wash your hair though, you can’t just go without washing your hair that would be smelly. You also need to be aware of the water temperature when you have color treated hair. Warm water tends to wash color out of hair. If you have colored hair you should try and wash your hair with cold water. There is a right way and wrong way on how to shampoo hair.

Have I been washing other things wrong too? Is there a wrong way to wash clothes, or my car. Can you even wash your car wrong, I mean, I know you can wash a car poorly. Missing spots etc., but can you wash a car wrong. After finding out I have been washing my hair wrong for my entire life, it makes me question what else I have been doing wrong. There are countless things I do and take for granted that I know how to do.

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The Chinese treasure fleet of the 1400s was one of the most impressive fleets to have ever existed during the time. The Chinese Ships were huge, twice or three times the size European ships that were built at the time. China managed to sail to  India and east Africa during these voyages. They did not take these ships to invade anyone but intimidate them into submitting to Chinese power. These ships definitely had the ability to circumnavigate the earth. If the Chinese decided to continue these voyages they would may have found the Americas before the Europeans. If the Chinese found the Americas before the Europeans the entire world would be completely different today. From the wealth acquired from the Americas it skyrocketed the Europeans to world powers and also helped them to advance to the industrial revolution. If this happened then everyone in the United States would be speaking Chinese and also the majority of the population in the Americas would probably look Asian.

The Chinese decided to stop their treasure fleet because they had pressure on them from the north from the mongols. Also, the fleet was very expensive. Pretty much only the members of the royal palace were interested in keeping it going. The problem is they needed to move funds from the expensive treasure fleet to help build the great wall of china. The great wall of China was built to keep the mongols out. The Mongol empire was the largest contiguous land empire in the history of the world. The Mongols were very good horse archers whose battle tactics were not able to be stopped by any military at the time. They also burned the library of Baghdad because the leaders of Baghdad did not submit to the mongols. Recently the population of the Middle East has just bounced back from the number of people the mongols killed during their time in power.

The Chinese shifted their budget from expanding and exploring on the sea to try and protect their border. The amazing fleet that they built was left to be scrapped at the port. These boats were used for firewood. After they disassembled their fleet the kept to their ways of isolated. Leaving exploration to the Europeans leading us to the world we live in today. The Chinese lost their technology and knowledge on how to travel throughout the seas. Many civilizations have lost knowledge and technology over history.  Greek fire was a lost technology. In modern days the US cannot make it to the moon anymore. NASA shifted from using rockets to using space shuttles. The space shuttle is not capable to getting to the moon. If Elon Musk had not privatized space travel then the technology could have been lost to time. Luckily Elon Musk has started SpaceX. Similar to how the Chinese no longer saw it necessary to have a treasure fleet, the USA didn’t think they need to explore space as much as they did after the fall of the USSR.

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Star Wars: Rebels is coming to a close, and I am as happy as a pig in slop to be able to view the final episodes of that show. Look… the franchise has made a few bad choices of late, and if they let Rebels go out with a bang, then I feel it will redeem some of the stuff they have been putting out (*cough cough last jedi cough*) in a way.

So, where is it going to go? This is the question that we were all asking at the end of the previous episodes. There is so much plot and story here, and Disney has indeed made some mistakes in the past. But listen, the episode A World Between Worlds was quite a mind-blowing one. The idea of time traveling is one which has been beaten into the ground by so many shows and films, it almost didn’t seem right for Star Wars to use it. But I have to hand it to those who were involved in the creation of this show: they did it right. “Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter.” And an episode like that is a beacon of hope within the sea of madness that is the new trilogy. I am not here to bash the old, though, I am here to give praise to the new. Rebels was a good show, and I had a lot of fun following it since 2015. I knew going in that it is a Disney show, and that I shouldn’t expect it to be anything special, Star Wars-wise. I knew that it is a kids show, and there is nothing wrong with that in my opinion. I am not some hate-mongering dumbass. Like with any show, there was some filler and some unnecessary, meh-grade stuff. I get it, you need that sometimes. Not every show can be awesome from beginning to end. Almost none of them are. But there is something about that third act. If you are able to finish a show properly, and really give the audience a proper send-off, this will be something which you will remember the show by. You gotta wow them at the end of it all, and if you are able to do that, you can be very successful at leaving your mark on the world of entertainment. I sincerely hope that the end of Rebels will be awesome. Time will tell.

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Malta sweet Malta, how colorful that you are and somewhere I had wanted to travel for so long. I had a long weekend off work and being in the travel industry I was encouraged to travel and write about my experiences. Malta is super chilled. It has a super laid-back lifestyle with the warm seas nearby, beaches and more than 300 days of sunshine a year! Its just incredible there.

I packed light. The flight wasn’t long from Heathrow and really I wanted to just go light and free and maybe pack up my suitcase with some Maltase goodies. I had a thing for shopping, you could say I could say I got this from my mum. She is officially a shopaholic. She is an avid online buyer though. I remember growing up we would have packages arriving all the time and my dad used to get annoyed at her for this. She also like to spend on the old credit card amidst the high-street shops too but mainly she
was an online buyer. She definitely pushed this on to me in some way. She would make me buy things online for the family when she was too busy, so you could say I got used to this way of life.

So even though I packed light for my trip to Malta, I made sure I was stocked up enough on my online products. I usually buy a lot of my bathroom attire from a company called Maple Holistics. I really like them. I stocked up on my Tea Tree oil Shampoo and a few various other bits. I also bought a few bits and pieces from Top Shop online but really I mainly packed light. I wanted to make sure I had enough space to fit in goodies and gifts for everyone from Malta. I had this thing about buying key rings for people from abroad, key-rings or mugs, although that doesn’t need a lot of space in my suitcase. Ok, ok the space is for me to shop – there I said it! I think I was a shopaholic too! Ahh!
Malta took me by surprise, the people were super kind and accommodating. It’s a haven for watersports especially diving. Malta attracts around 60,000 tourists a year just for the diving. The diving there has been known to be calming, clear and safe and so I thought Id give it a go as a beginner. It literally took my breath away. I took one of those under-water cameras with me and took a fair few funny snaps. I look funny in any kind of swimming gear anyway let alone a diving gear! Just as an FYI, Malta offers several well-establish dive centers that offer international recognized qualifications if you fancy becoming certified. Personally I wasn’t there for that – I was there to shop why of course! That and lie around on the beach!

I did rent a bike one day though – you know just to break up the shopping! I actually travelled quite far and it was a great day, taking in the scenery. I would also suggest doing that too. Malta, diving, cycling, history, great food, great people, relaxed culture and of course shop until you drop – or at least that’s what I did and I managed to get my key-rings and mugs too!

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You don’t choose your name, but you do choose your brand. Sadly though, we live in a market that has become so finely in tune with our rather simplistic and limited means of existence, that yours is just another in a large swelling mass of options. What does this mean for you as a gunsmith in the 21st century – well. We’re just not sure anymore, but instead would prefer to think that the family has a well stocked cache waiting at any moment. Incest in the deep south is not uncommon, and owning a gun goes hand in hand with that. Sadly, the two have become intertwined with one another and now dreams are allowed to unfold. Some good and some horrific – those that are actualized range from whimsical and majestic to perverse and animal-like. But תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪tech 9‬‏then again, who am I but a monkey with a digital typewriter.

So the guns get passed around from town to town and used, oiled and reused again. Until the point wherein the gun malfunctions or stops working. Or better yet, becomes unwanted and left aside to rust with the Colts from last season that were never carried away and the heartlessness of a mind left unperturbed by the consequences of her actions. Yet indeed, he still sits there day after day, loading and unloading his .22 and thinking about why again. That silence is interrupted though by crashing sound of an automatic Tech-9 opening fire in the distance, their opportunities now squandered retire to the cave from whence they were released originally. The bullet casings collapse around the floor and your ankles become hollowed out by the resounding thump of the kickback from the rifle. Your feelings remain immersed in a pool of shallow faces offering glimpses of hope into a future less governed by our petty base urges.

Yet still, that water encompass your body. You float there thinking about what to do next – what would they have you do? But that question goes unanswered. The truth lingers like the last bubble of air you slipped out. An otherwise sunny day on land, and the troops are ready to rock, They love shooting their rounds around the park. Spraying bullets in every direction, but it’s is literally aimless. Some consider art to be the glint of the sun’s light on a loaded Sig, others think it to be something so much more innocent and so much less spiteful. Yet there’s no arguing with a loaded gun. Your chances of survival depend only on your will to survive – and yet there they gleam, with their faces all hollowed out and the feeling of satisfaction brimming from ear to ear. They understand what it means to taste blood. A gun won’t do much in their general direction. An attack vector would only dissipate in the greater scheme of things. Do your parents know? Do they understand what this means. Do they care for you.  Probably the chances are more likely that they are loading a gun and considering that an art. is the place to go when it comes to everything guns “check em out!”.

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When you see all the ill-effects chemicals have had on our world could you blame me for wanting to go chemical-free organic? Of course you could but that wouldn’t make sense. What does make sense to me is using castor oil and natural soaps to clean your dishes and face. Most people are scared that if they start using organic products they will start voting Democrat but rest assure healthy living knows no political party. Whether you are a republican or Democrat Jesus is not the only one that loves you, healthy living does too. Look at me for instance. I am that stereotypical Republican you love to hate. I am pro-guns and hate Communists but I still shop at Wholefoods. Why? Because I know that proper hygiene and nutrition can improve my life and that is what I am all about…Living the best life possible!

If you have ever been to a health food store you will know that their aisles are filled with natural products most filled with essential oils and other delightfully healthful treats. You see essential oils are popular for a reason, they work! Why Jesus created the world he left it with every way to cure what ails us and he left it in plants and animals. We have gone far away from the world Jesus wanted us to live in but one thing still remains true, natural is better. I love using rose oil and rosemary oil in the bath or even straight on my skin they smell great and have properties that far surpass their pleasant smell. They can be expensive so I usually will buy the budget private label bottle but the quality is the same. If you don’t know what private label is check out They have many articles on the private label business and its history.

Natural organic living doesn’t end at essential oils it only started there for me. I began to realize that when I used organic products I felt better and that was important for me and my mind. I began to look for other ways to implement organic products into my life. I started with the oils I cooked with. I went from nasty canola oil to coconut oil and olive oil but full of nutrients and healthy fats. The store brand for all these products were way cheaper and comparably tasty.

From cooking oil I went to cereals and condiments. The final move was to organic vegetables. I was hesitant because they cost so much more but I knew the money spent would be worth it. A diet full of organic vegetables can be a natural anti-depressant and boost your energy levels ten-fold. I know from personal experience and that is the best kind of experience I know! I have had to remain focused and motivated to keep away from the snickerdoodles and gummy worms but I find that it has improved my life so much I will never stop! A good green salad can get those pounds burning away one piece of lettuce at a time. Just watch out for that salad dressing. That is where those calories sneak up on you.

Ammo-making-Sense Yet?!

Not every citizen who carries a firearm is a gun nut, just like not everyone who is anti-guns is a raging illogical pacifist. We are humans and we have many contradictions within ourselves, and within our various societies. In America, this is seemingly one of our contradictions. On the one hand, we trust in God, on the other we trust in our AR-15. Those two things do not contradict each other necessarily, but many people use that in an argument against guns.

I have heard the same thing about the Pope-mobile. Why does the Pope ride around in an armored, bulletproof car? I am not here to pass judgement, but it is a quesion which is asked. Guns were invented for offense, not self-defense. It is important to note that a very high percentage of civilians (and many others) who carry a weapon will never ever – not even once – be requried to shoot it. So, in essence, a lot of the time the gun is waiting. Waiting in a safe, waiting in a holster, waiting in an armory. It is waiting for a time when it will be needed.

I carry a Glock 19 gen 4 (check out this great review on I used to carry a 17, but I wanted a more concealable kind of 9mm, and the 19 was my go-to gun. I would have gotten the 26, but the grip wasn’t the best for my hand. With the 19 I am able to get a great grip on it, and I don’t need to add any kind of extension. I may add a sleeve grip, just for times when my hands are cold, wet, shaking, or what not. In a ‘fight or flight’ situation, your hands could start to clam up and shake. It happens. If you want to be preparted, you have to be prepared for the way that your body is going to react to an emergency situation.

Normally, you don’t know exactly how you are going to react, but at least you can make yourself – and your weapon – as ready as you can be, by adding accessories (relevant ones) and personalizing your gun even further. It is important to form some kind of a connection to your firearm, because it is this tool which will provide with the means for self-defense. We are not all judo, karate, or krav maga experts. Which means we need other ways of self-defense. And let’s face it, many – most – of today’s goons are going to be packing, so don’t get caught without yours.

Now with a change in the White House on the horizon, talk of gun laws and gun rights will be back, bigger and badder than ever perhaps. Actually, it never leaves, does it? It is all the same arguments, over and over. And usually these intensify after some horrendous gun-related act. I am not saying that gun access shouldn’t be regulated. I am saying that those who commit these crimes don’t care about laws and regulations. So what is the point? Maybe I have too small a view on this. In fact, I definitely do, but that is all I have.

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There are a lot of great private label (Innovative Private Label) products out there. Some though you have to watch in moderation. Here is one example. Anthony Jackson owned an entire chain of supermarkets that produced brand of private label snack foods. Cookies, chips, pretzels, chocolate, and candy. All the junk food you can imagine. As we know though even if it is a private label brand these foods aren’t so great for you especially if you over due it. Anthony was living in the 1980’s and he didn’t realize because most people in this decade that over doing these foods even if they are private label brands could cause serious issues. Besides for selling these private label brands, since he owned the store he was always able to take alot of it home and him, his wife and kids would snack on it probably a little bit more than you should snack on such unhealthy private label snack food brands and they began to put on some weight.

The unhealthy lifestyle didn’t just effect the physical health of him, his wife, and kids, it effected their mental health and self esteem. The private label brands of junk food snacks had caused Anthony’s son Ray and daughter Hilary to be an overweight 14 year old boy and 12 year old girl and kids can be cruel. They teased them only causing them to try and eat away their sadness and eat more of these junky private label brand foods. Anthony then decided he would stop selling these private label brand unhealthy foods and start to sell healthier brands of private label products. With good diet and exercise this got him and the rest of his family back in better shape. People were upset that he wasn’t selling the private label junk foods anymore yet Anthony, now in much better shape than before he was producing these super unhealthy foods, explained to them that he wanted to help people live longer and live overall happier lives and not have to deal with the junkier private label brands. Anthony, his wife Beth, son Ray and daughter Hilary soon became campaign people for how changing your diet and the private label brands you eat can really make a difference in maintaining healthier weight and staying in overall better physical shape all the time. It was a big boost for some private label companies to start selling healthier private label brands and the people of their h ometown to live healthier lifestyles overall. Things were good for the Jackson family. It was all good for them and they were feeling alot happier than they had ever been before. This shift in diet, exercise, and private label products put in them the type of private label brands that is really was a tremendous game changer for the four person family.

In general private label brands are cheaper. If more health food brands market under them they will be more affordable to the average american most likely decreasing the obesity/overweight rate in the usa.

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