I tend to think of myself as not dumb, I honestly didn’t think there was a wrong way to clean yourself. I mean I didn’t think you could over clean yourself. Like brush your teeth too much, over wash your hands, or wash your hair too much. Apparently I was wrong. You can brush your teeth too hard, which can cause cavities. I had no idea that brushing your teeth too often can mess your teeth up. If you never br ush your teeth, your teeth will rot out of your face. If you brush your teeth too hard then your teeth will fall out of your head.

Apparently washing your hair everyday is not ideal. Your aren’t dumb to ask how to use shampoo, it’s not as simple as putting some into your hair and rinsing it out. The amount of shampoo you use is very important. Using too much is wasteful and using too little will not clean your hair enough. Washing your hair too often is not good for it either. Your hair produces natural oils that help keep it healthy. Some people say it is best to wash your hair every other day or maybe every three days. Especially if you color your hair you need to be careful about how you wash your hair. How to shampoo hair that is color treated differs from how you would wash natural hair.

Colored hair needs to be washed as least as possible. Washing colored hair can wash the color out of it. Shampoo washes dirt and oil out of hair and can also wash out color treatment. You need to wash your hair though, you can’t just go without washing your hair that would be smelly. You also need to be aware of the water temperature when you have color treated hair. Warm water tends to wash color out of hair. If you have colored hair you should try and wash your hair with cold water. There is a right way and wrong way on how to shampoo hair.

Have I been washing other things wrong too? Is there a wrong way to wash clothes, or my car. Can you even wash your car wrong, I mean, I know you can wash a car poorly. Missing spots etc., but can you wash a car wrong. After finding out I have been washing my hair wrong for my entire life, it makes me question what else I have been doing wrong. There are countless things I do and take for granted that I know how to do.

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