Are you living with an animal, particularly a dog or cat? Living with a very animated and expressive animal (like a dog) makes this easier in some ways. The love between a dog and his roommates can be seen in many ways. The eyes, the wagging of a tail, the happiness when you walk through the house, not to mention exposing oneself to getting rubbed. Explaining certain aspects of love can be done through the animal’s actions.. – You can expand on the fact that there are many kinds of love which exist in the world, and they are not all the same.

Do you love eating spaghetti? Do you love your mother? Is hanging out with your mother on a Sunday afternoon the same thing as eating spaghetti? What’s the difference? Discuss! – Take a page (quite literally!) or several pages, from Kim Casali’s popular comic strip “Love Is…”. It has some of the best freestyle interpretations of what love means to us in this crazy, hazy world, and there are some frames which are certainly relatable to children. Even if you don’t take a real quote from the page, it will get the ball rolling.

While being parents, don’t forget to make time for you guys as a couple. You might think that your kids are the be all and end all, but they’re nothing without supportive parents. And their parents can only be super supportive if they are a strong team and work well together. So date night is key! Ask a friend or relative to babysit the kids, or even hire someone for the night. then go out, have fun and relax. Focus on stuff other than the children so that you feel this is a real break for the two of you.

Another great tip for parents is to food prep. You don’t need to cook every night. After all, that gets really exhausting. So if you cook a few things on Saturday or Sunday afternoon, it will make the rest of your week easier. Pop a lasagna in the oven so that people can cut a slice whenever they’re hungry. Make some chicken wings or burgers that you can keep in the fridge for warming up with ease. Cut up veggies and keep them in containers so that salad prep is a piece of cake. Use tricks such as cutting up carrot sticks and then keeping them in a jar of water so that they’re fresh for whenever you want to grab a few. Buy bulk items of things like snacks for school, and then put them in individual containers so that you save time and money each morning. You can then make your own snack drawer and have the kids pick out what they want every day before they head off to school. and that, my friends, is parenting made just a little more simple.

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