Not every citizen who carries a firearm is a gun nut, just like not everyone who is anti-guns is a raging illogical pacifist. We are humans and we have many contradictions within ourselves, and within our various societies. In America, this is seemingly one of our contradictions. On the one hand, we trust in God, on the other we trust in our AR-15. Those two things do not contradict each other necessarily, but many people use that in an argument against guns.

I have heard the same thing about the Pope-mobile. Why does the Pope ride around in an armored, bulletproof car? I am not here to pass judgement, but it is a quesion which is asked. Guns were invented for offense, not self-defense. It is important to note that a very high percentage of civilians (and many others) who carry a weapon will never ever – not even once – be requried to shoot it. So, in essence, a lot of the time the gun is waiting. Waiting in a safe, waiting in a holster, waiting in an armory. It is waiting for a time when it will be needed.

I carry a Glock 19 gen 4 (check out this great review on I used to carry a 17, but I wanted a more concealable kind of 9mm, and the 19 was my go-to gun. I would have gotten the 26, but the grip wasn’t the best for my hand. With the 19 I am able to get a great grip on it, and I don’t need to add any kind of extension. I may add a sleeve grip, just for times when my hands are cold, wet, shaking, or what not. In a ‘fight or flight’ situation, your hands could start to clam up and shake. It happens. If you want to be preparted, you have to be prepared for the way that your body is going to react to an emergency situation.

Normally, you don’t know exactly how you are going to react, but at least you can make yourself – and your weapon – as ready as you can be, by adding accessories (relevant ones) and personalizing your gun even further. It is important to form some kind of a connection to your firearm, because it is this tool which will provide with the means for self-defense. We are not all judo, karate, or krav maga experts. Which means we need other ways of self-defense. And let’s face it, many – most – of today’s goons are going to be packing, so don’t get caught without yours.

Now with a change in the White House on the horizon, talk of gun laws and gun rights will be back, bigger and badder than ever perhaps. Actually, it never leaves, does it? It is all the same arguments, over and over. And usually these intensify after some horrendous gun-related act. I am not saying that gun access shouldn’t be regulated. I am saying that those who commit these crimes don’t care about laws and regulations. So what is the point? Maybe I have too small a view on this. In fact, I definitely do, but that is all I have.

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