The Chinese treasure fleet of the 1400s was one of the most impressive fleets to have ever existed during the time. The Chinese Ships were huge, twice or three times the size European ships that were built at the time. China managed to sail to  India and east Africa during these voyages. They did not take these ships to invade anyone but intimidate them into submitting to Chinese power. These ships definitely had the ability to circumnavigate the earth. If the Chinese decided to continue these voyages they would may have found the Americas before the Europeans. If the Chinese found the Americas before the Europeans the entire world would be completely different today. From the wealth acquired from the Americas it skyrocketed the Europeans to world powers and also helped them to advance to the industrial revolution. If this happened then everyone in the United States would be speaking Chinese and also the majority of the population in the Americas would probably look Asian.

The Chinese decided to stop their treasure fleet because they had pressure on them from the north from the mongols. Also, the fleet was very expensive. Pretty much only the members of the royal palace were interested in keeping it going. The problem is they needed to move funds from the expensive treasure fleet to help build the great wall of china. The great wall of China was built to keep the mongols out. The Mongol empire was the largest contiguous land empire in the history of the world. The Mongols were very good horse archers whose battle tactics were not able to be stopped by any military at the time. They also burned the library of Baghdad because the leaders of Baghdad did not submit to the mongols. Recently the population of the Middle East has just bounced back from the number of people the mongols killed during their time in power.

The Chinese shifted their budget from expanding and exploring on the sea to try and protect their border. The amazing fleet that they built was left to be scrapped at the port. These boats were used for firewood. After they disassembled their fleet the kept to their ways of isolated. Leaving exploration to the Europeans leading us to the world we live in today. The Chinese lost their technology and knowledge on how to travel throughout the seas. Many civilizations have lost knowledge and technology over history.  Greek fire was a lost technology. In modern days the US cannot make it to the moon anymore. NASA shifted from using rockets to using space shuttles. The space shuttle is not capable to getting to the moon. If Elon Musk had not privatized space travel then the technology could have been lost to time. Luckily Elon Musk has started SpaceX. Similar to how the Chinese no longer saw it necessary to have a treasure fleet, the USA didn’t think they need to explore space as much as they did after the fall of the USSR.

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