When you see all the ill-effects chemicals have had on our world could you blame me for wanting to go chemical-free organic? Of course you could but that wouldn’t make sense. What does make sense to me is using castor oil and natural soaps to clean your dishes and face. Most people are scared that if they start using organic products they will start voting Democrat but rest assure healthy living knows no political party. Whether you are a republican or Democrat Jesus is not the only one that loves you, healthy living does too. Look at me for instance. I am that stereotypical Republican you love to hate. I am pro-guns and hate Communists but I still shop at Wholefoods. Why? Because I know that proper hygiene and nutrition can improve my life and that is what I am all about…Living the best life possible!

If you have ever been to a health food store you will know that their aisles are filled with natural products most filled with essential oils and other delightfully healthful treats. You see essential oils are popular for a reason, they work! Why Jesus created the world he left it with every way to cure what ails us and he left it in plants and animals. We have gone far away from the world Jesus wanted us to live in but one thing still remains true, natural is better. I love using rose oil and rosemary oil in the bath or even straight on my skin they smell great and have properties that far surpass their pleasant smell. They can be expensive so I usually will buy the budget private label bottle but the quality is the same. If you don’t know what private label is check out InnovativePrivateLabel.com. They have many articles on the private label business and its history.

Natural organic living doesn’t end at essential oils it only started there for me. I began to realize that when I used organic products I felt better and that was important for me and my mind. I began to look for other ways to implement organic products into my life. I started with the oils I cooked with. I went from nasty canola oil to coconut oil and olive oil but full of nutrients and healthy fats. The store brand for all these products were way cheaper and comparably tasty.

From cooking oil I went to cereals and condiments. The final move was to organic vegetables. I was hesitant because they cost so much more but I knew the money spent would be worth it. A diet full of organic vegetables can be a natural anti-depressant and boost your energy levels ten-fold. I know from personal experience and that is the best kind of experience I know! I have had to remain focused and motivated to keep away from the snickerdoodles and gummy worms but I find that it has improved my life so much I will never stop! A good green salad can get those pounds burning away one piece of lettuce at a time. Just watch out for that salad dressing. That is where those calories sneak up on you.

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