Malta sweet Malta, how colorful that you are and somewhere I had wanted to travel for so long. I had a long weekend off work and being in the travel industry I was encouraged to travel and write about my experiences. Malta is super chilled. It has a super laid-back lifestyle with the warm seas nearby, beaches and more than 300 days of sunshine a year! Its just incredible there.

I packed light. The flight wasn’t long from Heathrow and really I wanted to just go light and free and maybe pack up my suitcase with some Maltase goodies. I had a thing for shopping, you could say I could say I got this from my mum. She is officially a shopaholic. She is an avid online buyer though. I remember growing up we would have packages arriving all the time and my dad used to get annoyed at her for this. She also like to spend on the old credit card amidst the high-street shops too but mainly she
was an online buyer. She definitely pushed this on to me in some way. She would make me buy things online for the family when she was too busy, so you could say I got used to this way of life.

So even though I packed light for my trip to Malta, I made sure I was stocked up enough on my online products. I usually buy a lot of my bathroom attire from a company called Maple Holistics. I really like them. I stocked up on my Tea Tree oil Shampoo and a few various other bits. I also bought a few bits and pieces from Top Shop online but really I mainly packed light. I wanted to make sure I had enough space to fit in goodies and gifts for everyone from Malta. I had this thing about buying key rings for people from abroad, key-rings or mugs, although that doesn’t need a lot of space in my suitcase. Ok, ok the space is for me to shop – there I said it! I think I was a shopaholic too! Ahh!
Malta took me by surprise, the people were super kind and accommodating. It’s a haven for watersports especially diving. Malta attracts around 60,000 tourists a year just for the diving. The diving there has been known to be calming, clear and safe and so I thought Id give it a go as a beginner. It literally took my breath away. I took one of those under-water cameras with me and took a fair few funny snaps. I look funny in any kind of swimming gear anyway let alone a diving gear! Just as an FYI, Malta offers several well-establish dive centers that offer international recognized qualifications if you fancy becoming certified. Personally I wasn’t there for that – I was there to shop why of course! That and lie around on the beach!

I did rent a bike one day though – you know just to break up the shopping! I actually travelled quite far and it was a great day, taking in the scenery. I would also suggest doing that too. Malta, diving, cycling, history, great food, great people, relaxed culture and of course shop until you drop – or at least that’s what I did and I managed to get my key-rings and mugs too!

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